How a Group of Diverse Minds is Adding to the Sports Biz Talent Pool

by MiS Founder, Shaina Wiel

Innovation comes from the edge of chaos.

And chaos is exactly how I ended up here. Through chaos, a national networking organization of over 700+ professionals of color from all angles of the sports industry, Minorities in Sports Business (or MiS), was born.

They say if you want God to laugh, tell her/him your plans.

Most millennials (I dislike that term immensely btw) have this grand plan of what career paths are supposed to look like. Actually, most people in the sports industry have this romanticized view of what that path should look like. Truth of the matter is, this industry is fickle and the traditional trajectory to the C-Suite isn’t realistic for most people who work in sports. To be honest, the path isn’t simple for most at all. It isn’t only about going to games, hanging out with top athletes, and getting a bunch of cool free swag. Unless you count about 40 outdated team branded polo shirts as cool free swag.

The reality is, it’s a lot of hard work. It’s all about knowing how to hustle and finesse the industry for what you want, being open to opportunities that find their way to you and most importantly, your network. In the sports industry your network definitely equals your net worth.

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